Stop Wasting Your Marketing Budget Only To Be Invisible Online

Launching your own business is very much like having a child. You breathe life into it from inception and you carefully make calculated choices to give it the best chance for success. You struggle through its failures and you celebrate its successes. One thing you never do is become complacent with the status of your business—complacency is the first precursor to failure.

So why do so many businesses seem to be satisfied with spending thousands of dollars annually on marketing campaigns that overlook the most significant marketplace of this century—the internet?

Digital marketing has rapidly become a dominant force in the marketing and advertising industry. Concepts such as social media management, SEO expert services and viral campaigns are now front and center at the conference tables of corporate America.  Firms like SiteJab and other innovative agencies are driving more business to their clients than ever before and expanding into new markets—all due to digital marketing integration.

As successful as digital marketing is, there are some business owners that don’t realize the immense power of this type of marketing and they are getting bested by their competition who has adopted these techniques. Their competition is enjoying a robust internet presence while they are virtually invisible to such a huge demographic—nearly 98% of Americans use the internet daily.

When business owners do begin seeking an edge on their competition they end up asking us what can be done to give them a presence in this wide open market. We welcome them stepping outside of the comfort zone of traditional marketing and we lay out some of our basic tenets for having a robust internet presence and a successful digital marketing campaign.

5 Basics Of Establishing Your Online Presence


  1. Be Social

    Social media is a major force in the world of digital marketing. It is literally the largest gossip circle you can imagine. Sure, there is a lot of frivolous content on social media but everyone engages in it anyway. If you harness the premise of social media it is one of the most effective forms of word of mouth advertising of the 21st century. You want to be a part of these circles because all it takes is one person to like or share your Facebook post, Tweet, or Instagram story for it to be seen by a much larger audience. It is very much a concept of multiplication in that one person sees it, shares it and all their friends see it and maybe they share it and it grows from their friends as well.

  2. Content Is King

    You want to come up in search results when users search for your industry on major search engines. Google is the king of the search engines and uses your sites content to determine where you belong in the search rankings based on keywords in your content among other criteria. This is why it is so important to create fresh, relevant content that your demographic wants to share with others. If you content has no value, it doesn’t get shared and Google doesn’t care about it to be quite honest. Every piece of content you have on your website needs to be relevant and target specific keywords. Content can come from blogs, online press releases, page content and more that is relevant to your industry. Google favors original content so make sure your content is not just re-posts of other websites content. It is best to hire a professional copywriter or an agency that provides this service. Remember that your audience is the demographic you are targeting, not Google so be organic and real with your content.

  3. Get Referrals And Reward Them

    Referrals are a gold mine whether you are just starting out or even if you’ve been at this for years. Get friends, colleagues, and others to share the word about your pages and website on their social media accounts. You can spur this on by offering rewards for sharing, following or liking your page. Something as simple as a referral discount or free promotional item with your web address on it; will go a long way in motivating people to spread the word.

  4. Embrace Google Adwords

    Essentially, Adwords is paid search engine placement or “pay to place.” In a nutshell you pay Google to place your listing in a certain position when the search term you are paying for is input. There is a lot more that goes into it which is why it is highly advised to hire an agency to manage these types of campaigns. It is however a very effective way for a new business to get their feet wet in digital marketing and get a jump start on establishing your online footprint.

  5. Do It Live

    Facebook Live is a live streaming video service accessed by millions daily across the US. This tool can be an incredibly vital part of your digital ad campaign and requires little to no budget to create content. “Facebook Live allows us to engage our clients audience in a very personal and unscripted manner that people resonate with” says Hector Garcia, owner of SiteJab— a leading Houston ad agency. Facebook live content can be something as simple as a welcome message to your business or a relatable behind the scenes look at your operations. The most salient allure of a live video post is people will watch just to see what is happening in real time because it’s unpredictable. You can harness that human nature of curiosity into followers and leads. Customers love to have a real connection with a company rather than seeing it as a faceless corporation.

The Best Advice: Let SiteJab Boost Your Presence

Naturally we know you don’t have the time to go over all of the basics of digital marketing because quite honestly, while it’s not impossible— it is time consuming and requires sufficient studying. You have a business to run, that is your focus. Leave the SEO expert services to SiteJab; that is our focus. We are a Google Partner– a certification that is only earned with meeting stringent KPI’s for our firm’s clients. We know you love your business and understand the joy of being a business owner. That’s why we put every effort into your success as we do our own. We don’t just value clients at SiteJab we value relationships. Contact us today and let us get you more clicks, more leads.

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