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Social media is the word-of-mouth advertising of the 21st century—but it’s also much more powerful than that implies. In a nutshell, if you aren’t using social media to advance your brand—you are being bested by your competition in every other aspect of your marketing strategy.

Social media dominates the marketplace

Social media marketing is and should be one of the most crucial components of a successful marketing strategy. Social media may have started purely as a way for people to connect and share common interests—but that very aspect made it very conducive to marketing for businesses of all sizes and ad budgets. Because of that, social media has evolved into a marketing powerhouse that dominates the advertising and marketing industry

From old brands entering new markets to a start-up announcing their arrival to the world and establishing their brand—social media is the tool that bests all others. Businesses all over the world spare no expense in finding ways that social media can help them ensure continued success and revenue growth—do you want that growth?

we build brands with social media

BrandNation social media division is a results-driven team that is dedicated to delivering nothing but the best social campaign for your brand. We focus on using social media to capture the attention of your audience, build brand awareness, convey your identity, and get consumers talking about your company. If people aren’t talking about you, they won’t buy from you—it’s that simple.

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We put you in the conversation

People communicate more and more with each other through social media versus in person. What does this mean for your marketing strategy? It means everything! It means no longer is word-of-mouth advertising limited to arm’s length conversations or phone communication—now, it’s bantering back and forth about a shared post.

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At BrandNation we create engaging content that is
industry-relevant, that people want to share with their peers. We get people talking—about you. When people talk about you; your brand is out there, your logo is out there you are gaining market recognition which is for growing your brand.

we use social media to drive leads

Social media is also one of the most effective tools for lead generation there is today. There is no denying the societal shift in that people are tethered to mobile devices. Most mobile users are also heavily attached to their social media accounts and news feeds.

This creates a wide-open pool of consumers that are looking for content to satisfy their boredom and waning attention spans. BrandNation capitalizes on this and creates social campaigns that convert viewers into quality leads with various calls-to-action tied to engaging content.

Why social media works

Social media works because it capitalizes on the simple concept of social bonds and quite honestly, peer pressure—albeit, in terms of marketing, a very innocuous form. People are influenced by their peer’s opinions and social media’s backend does a superb job of using that to push pages, ads, or posts to a user—and notifies the user, “your friend [name] liked this.” Brilliant right? You bet it is—because, in a recent study, 91% of people polled stated they would click on a post or ad that their friend likes simply out of association—are you capitalizing on this? Your competition is.

This power of peer influence increases engagement and click-through rates which of course boost lead generation and gain market exposure. The evolution of social media has also bridged the gap between corporate HQ’s and their demographic. Most corporations hire social media management firms now to represent their brand when consumers interact via social media with positive or negative comments. It is a great way to quickly quell a controversy or capitalize on praise from consumers. BrandNation social media managers specialize in consumer psychology and public relations skillsets to manage and cultivate your brand—it is about so much more than a clever Facebook post.

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