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Video is rapidly becoming the primary and preferred way to communicate online. It doesn’t take but a single Google search or Youtube search to see the multitudes of video just a click away. Wildly popular topics range from something seemingly mundane as a “What’s In My Bag?” video to consumers giving detailed reviews of products and services they purchased such as “Phone Unboxing” videos.

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Why Video Is Key To Your Marketing Strategy

Think about that last one, reviews of products and services. Consumers are posting videos of companies’ products and services and talking about them. These companies are getting free publicity whether it’s good or bad—but it just shows how powerful video is.

Now the key is to harness that power and channel it to boost your market visibility, shape your brand, and push your identity. Video is a terrific medium to showcase your products, promotions, and your corporate culture to your audience. Video, in just three years; is projected to account for over 82% of web traffic. That is a huge share of overall web traffic and it should not be ignored. In fact, when you take a look at some of the statistics of video’s impact on marketing—the results are phenomenal:

Over 70% instagram users watch video content within the app.

YouTube’s user base is over one billion users— that is nearly a third of total internet users.

Over 44% of people watch over an hour of video via Facebook or YouTube in a single week.

More than half a billion hours of video content is watched daily on YouTube alone.

Uploaded video content is greater over a 30-day span than major U.S. television networks over the last three decades.

How this applies to your marketing strategy is simple

Video garners more of a response than any other form of communication in the digital marketplace, hands down. Our clients that use our video production are seeing exemplary results from the market statistics that show:

Businesses that employ video production in their marketing strategy experience a revenue growth rate that is nearly fifty times faster than companies that don’t—which side do you want to be on?

The amount of retained information contained in just one minute of video production equals over 1.5 million written words—imagine the impact that much information can have on your brand recognition?

Video is processed by the brain over 50,000 times faster than text—in the world of attention economics, you have only 15 seconds to capture the user's attention.

Video content is shared more frequently than links and texts combined. It is shared over 1,200 times more frequently—that sharing compounds over and over for a huge market reach.

Marketing emails that feature a video drive an increase in click-throughs of over 95%—this takes your lead generation game to a new level.

We create videos for your site, multimedia distribution channels, and social media campaigns that inform the consumer base about your product or services. We also prominently display your logo and any company taglines for maximum exposure. These videos are powerful marketing tools that can have a huge impact on sales and other objectives. We also use live stream services such as Facebook Live to generate buzz for new products, showcase your current promotions, and more.

The most important aspect of lead generation success for any company is creating content that draws a visitor in and keeps their attention long enough to compel them to action. Many visitors will watch a video on social media or a website just to see what it is about. Video draws traffic, that is a known fact but the quality of our video production is key. The longer you can keep a visitor on your site the more likely you can convert that visit into a click thru.

To have a successful brand, you must communicate your corporate identity to the consumer in a way that conveys it properly. Video is the perfect tool for that when produced correctly. Examples include company bios, client testimonials, and leadership interviews. All of these and more can help consumers make a personal connection and build trust in your brand.

How We Use Video To Grow Your Business

The BrandNation video production division is comprised of highly skilled videographers, creative directors, copywriters, and brand management specialists that specialize in long and short-form videos as well as webisodes and live streams.

We strategically optimize the videos we produce for efficient streaming and a smooth user experience. We also implement social media sharing functionality that allows users to share your content easily. Social media is extremely integral to your brand awareness. Video sharing via social media drastically increases the reach of your content and impacts other key objectives of your marketing strategy as well:

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Get Into The Spotlight And Showcase Your Brand

Video is the new frontier of digital communication—do you want your company left behind? Contact one of our business development consultants today. We are ready to go to work for you creating compelling, engaging video content that shapes your brand and positions you for success.

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