How To Make Your Website Great Again

Do you find yourself cringing when looking at your website? Or maybe you aren’t sure if it is as great as it could be. At SiteJab we are here to help, as Google partners and Facebook marketing experts we know what works and what doesn’t. When it comes to making your website great again, we are the solution you are seeking. To know what you need, you first have to realize that your website needs help:

If your website loses leads quicker than the Atlanta Falcons… YOUR WEBSITE NEEDS HELP.

If the only traffic you are getting is on the 610 loop at 5pm…YOUR WEBSITE NEEDS HELP.

If your idea of Facebook Marketing is bugging family to “like” your page…YOUR WEBSITE NEEDS HELP.

If you thought SEO and SEM were names of 80’s cover bands…YOUR WEBSITE NEEDS HELP.

All joking aside we don’t expect everyone to know how to optimize their website for lead and traffic generation. Just like you don’t expect everyone to know what you do and how you do it. At SiteJab we are in the business of making websites great again; from the absolute messes to the ones that just need a well-managed solution, we deliver results by following a very concise multipoint plan:


There is a fine balance between perfect minimalism and a mangled mess of a website. At SiteJab we begin with a clean, easy to navigate website. We keep things organized with layered pages, quick read content, and professional graphics and quick loading pages. Your website must be not only visually pleasing but easily navigable and quick to load. Coding that complies with web standards and is cross-platform compatible is also the key to making your website accessible on various devices in a connected world.


The biggest problem with commercial websites is a lack of relevant content updated regularly. Many companies don’t realize the importance of content, how it affects your visibility, and your traffic. When you have relevant content on your site, search engines like Google pick up on that and list you according to that content. So if you are in the business of used cars, for example, you want to have content relevant to your industry. Your content also needs to be refreshed at least once a month to keep up in the search rankings and facebook marketing campaigns. Your content also needs to be enticing, if it does not attract readership, then it is useless. The longer your visitors are on your page, the better it is for your search ranking. “Dwell Time” as it is referred to is improved upon with engaging content that makes the user remain on your page.


Social media is not going away, in fact, it has become interwoven into our culture. Facebook advertising is a booming industry and an excellent way to generate leads for your business. Your website needs to have a linked Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram page at the least. Facebook marketing is essentially a way to let users do some of the advertising for you by liking and sharing your ads or pages. Keeping content on your social media account updated and relevant as well is key to a successful facebook advertising campaign. The industry dictates that in order to be as successful as possible in this digital age, you must fully embrace social media as a societal norm.

These are just the three major tenets of a successful website. Naturally, there are more aspects to it than this but these three major cornerstones are what will make your website great again. The easiest way to implement these tenets is to contact us today and let us handle it so you have time to focus on the leads we will deliver. We deliver MORE CLICKS. MORE LEADS.

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