Having SEO Services and A Balanced Website

When it comes to your website have you ever thought about whether or not it’s balanced? By balanced I mean are all the pages equally attractive or did you did you decide not to put as much into some of the other pages on your site assuming it’s “just a location page,” or “just a biography,” or “just” *insert whatever page you didn’t think mattered much here*. Sometimes it turns out to be “just” everything!

While it’s nice to have a really well designed home page with easy navigation, beautiful design, and just that perfect first impression, the fact of the matter is your home page may not be their first impression. If someone is visiting your site intentionally meaning they have your website link – they saw it on your business card or your huge advertisement on your rear car window, they are going to see your home page first. It’s perfect! It gives them the best first impression of your business that anything could! You put so much into it there is no way they wouldn’t like it and want to do business with you!

Well, what happens when somebody visits your site unintentionally? They need something your business offers, so they Google it. That first page of listings comes up. With some work and great SEO services, you will likely have one (or five) links on that first page. What if the link they click on, though, isn’t your home page? What if it’s your Testimonials Page or your Biography Page? Will they still get a good first impression? Have you considered the possibility? Most leads actually won’t land on your home page first, so you do need to consider it!

So what can you do?

Well, the most important thing is to make sure you have contact information visible on every page. Make it attractive and in line with your brand. Whether they land on your home page or any other page, they won’t have to search for your phone number because it’s already there.

Do you have a contact form? Make sure that is available on every page as well. Make it as easy as possible to contact you. The last thing you want is a bounce because you have a boring page with no branding, no contact information, or anything appealing. Make sure your branding and contact information is on every page. Yes, EVERY page. No exceptions.

SEO Services

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