What Is SEO & What Can It Do For My Business?

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have never heard of the term SEO. Maybe you actually haven’t. SEO is the acronym for Search engine optimization, but what exactly does that mean? It sure does sound like another fancy acronym for consultants to throw out there to justify the ungodly hourly rate they charge, doesn’t it? The truth is while some consultants do indeed like to throw out acronyms like candy on Halloween to impress you, SEO is actually very vital to your business and is a simple concept that can be complicated to execute.

Search engine optimization is a set of methods and tactics that work together to affect the visibility of your website in a search engine such as Google.

Sounds Simple Enough Right?

That’s the easy definition, but if life were really that easy, the Rockets wouldn’t completely blow a perfectly winnable playoff game in a matter of minutes.

No, the process of search engine optimization is actually very fluid and complex. It requires constant attention to search trends and the details of your site such as your phrasing all the way down to image titles.  It can be exhaustive and tedious work and many companies outsource the task to “SEO Gurus.”

In this world of connectivity and the internet community, if you do not have a presence on the internet, you really don’t exist. All businesses, whether large or small, would benefit from implementing some SEO best practices. Internet presence and social media is the new marketing standard it has been besting standard media for years now as the main source of exposure and leads for businesses worldwide.  The need for specialized SEO experts is growing at a rampant pace because of the multiple facets of Search engine optimization.

SEO is comprised of many factors that work together, but here are a few of the basics.

Content Creation

This is the meat and potatoes of your website, also known as content. If you just put up a page with nothing more than a few words here and there your website will lose its audience faster than a Ben Affleck Superman flick. Content is key for engaging your audience. Content should not only relate to your business but also provide an entertainment and interest factor for the reader.  Use of humor or useful information are some of the tactics that can be employed when creating engaging content. Blogging is an easy way to begin creating and delivering content to your audience.

Responsive Website Design

Sure you can go out and sign up for one of those DIY websites, but let’s be honest. If you wanted a Ferrari, would you go out, save a bit of money, and buy a build-your-own “Sorta Ferrari” kit, hoping that you put everything together right? Why would you waste money on a website design that isn’t going to fully harness the power of the internet? You need a website that has a user-friendly interface, easy readability and features that draw in visitors. On average, you have about thirty seconds to either draw in a visitor or have them click off to the next website in the search results. You have to figure out how to draw them in. Also, having a site that is mobile friendly is a key now more than ever. More people use mobile devices to search the internet. Students and experts of SEO alike should stay up to date on the web standards for all platforms and build sites that respond well on all platforms.

Social Media Presence

In today’s world even people’s pets have a Facebook page and an Instagram account (no, seriously it is a thing). It is can be a costly mistake to have a business without a social media presence. Social media can make or break a business; the viral phenomenon was birthed from social media. It is the new incarnation of the old adage, “It takes a lifetime to build a good name but a second to destroy it.”  Social media is a way to reach out to your customers and create a connection through interaction.

Information Overload?

As you can see, this blog has quickly become lengthy just by covering three components of SEO. While there is nothing wrong with business owners trying to master SEO on their own, it is often beneficial to outsource SEO to a proven agency that can help you reach your online goals.

SiteJab is a digital marketing agency in Houston that not only helps small businesses generate online leads but has also done so well on the Google platform that we’ve attained Google Partner Status. Contact us to learn more about SEO and internet marketing.

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