SEO and Brand Awareness

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Brand Awareness are both important to building your website and your business. It’s important to do both, but many times, it can be difficult to do both at the same time. Having SEO Services that also recognize the importance of brand awareness is important.


If your brand hasn’t yet “made a name for itself,” it can definitely affect how you optimize your website with keywords. Using keywords with your business/brand name isn’t going to be as effective as using the type of keywords your leads will be search for such as specific products and services since they aren’t yet familiar with your brand.

Of course, in order to build your brand, you need more than just a few high rankings for generic search terms. This may be good short-term, but you also need to build brand recognition as well.

So how do you do this?

First, you have to determine your long-term goals. Is your work very casual or more of a hobby or do you really want to build your brand to be solid and recognizable? If your business or brand is more casual and just an extra way to earn a little more, building brand keywords wouldn’t be as important. Instead it would be better to focus on keywords and phrases that target leads that are looking for your products and services.

If you are serious about building your brand, though, to expand your web presence and become a brand that is recognized in your niche you should consider splitting your focus. Increase your brand awareness by getting your name out there. Network with others through business focused networks such as LinkedIn and be sure to be present and active on social media. This can actually help improve your rankings for brand keywords.

Then, consider targeting generic keywords in your SEO efforts while your brand recognition grows. Once your brand recognition has grown to the point that your brand keyword traffic is regular and self-sustaining you can star to make the transition to relying predominately on brand keywords.

Finding balance is the key. To have a serious brand, you definitely need to consider both brand building and SEO as part of your marketing strategy. There is no need to focus solely on one and let the other go.

If you believe brand building is more important, focus first on having high-quality back links from other websites that use brand keywords for the anchor text. For example, don’t use “call to action” text for the link such as “click here.” Instead, use your brand name and keywords.

Remember, building a strong brand takes time and work. That is why it’s recommended to at least spend some of your marketing efforts on generic search words or phrases related to your brand/business.

On the flip side, if you plan on focusing only on generic keywords for a majority of your traffic, you shouldn’t completely discount building your brand. Be sure to include a few brand keywords in your SEO efforts so you can experience the benefits of building your brand as well!

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