Lead Management Automation: Making Marketing Easier

It makes no difference what industry you’re in, leads are the gold standard of all customer contacts. Leads are those contacts that are most likely to turn into customers—your business survives on them. The more leads you have in the sales funnel, the better your odds are for obtaining new business and retaining customers. However, keeping a steady and growing current of these special contacts can be a laborious chore—and time is money. Inside the machine that is lead management, there is a bevy of moving components to manage. Emails, hotlists, CRM’s, eCommerce, and a lot more. Coordinating the flow of information between these different components can become overwhelming fast.

Lead Management Made Simple

What if we told you that it’s possible to free up your time with some simple automation of these tasks? Would that be something you might be interested in? Well, it’s very possible, and a lot easier than you might think. Automating a few tasks will help your leads progress through the sales funnel by freeing you up to follow through with them.

When we handle lead management for our clients here is how we boost the performance of our lead generation efforts.

Combining Multiple Lead Streams Into Your CRM

One of the biggest struggles in lead management is streamlining all your lead sources. Most businesses use a mixture of contact forms, events, e-commerce sales, and paid ads to find new prospects. The problem is trying to keep up with multiple lead streams in an organized fashion. Typically, someone is doing all the manual labor moving leads into the proper app via cut and paste, or data exportation. That is a lot of lost time and wasted manpower when there is automation that can be set up and will cost less. With SiteJab lead management, we combine all your lead sources and streamline them to populate your CRM in an organized and efficient fashion.

Lead Management From Form Entries

“SiteJab’s solutions make it easier for us to follow up on forms from customers. They collect and organize all the data for us, so all we have to do is close.” – NTX Event Services

Most business owners have one of the most basic, proven components of lead generation there is in their arsenal. The embedded contact form—an absolute must-have element for any successful website, is 100% proven to be effective. However, when a prospect inputs their information on the form what happens next? Typically, it gets delivered to you via email and you must cut and paste it into your CRM. If you get an average of 100 entries per day to import—that’s eating up a lot of your time, time that could be used elsewhere.

With our solutions, your customers fill out the form and send it. That data is automatically organized and imported into your CRM and is ready for you to close. It can’t get much smoother than that. Remember, a successful sales funnel is one where contact is made quickly—every minute that passes is a chance for leads to look elsewhere.

Survey Data Collection

Similar to contact forms, surveys are another tried and true way to create interest and capture leads. Surveys allow the lead data you get to be more revealing and detailed—it gets you ahead in your initial approach. However, with that extra detail comes a lot more data to parse out and copy into your CRM. But when you have SiteJab for lead management, we automate the process which saves huge amounts of time. So you not only save time, but you also get data-rich leads—the better the lead data, the higher the odds of closing.

Lead Management Within E-commerce

The moment a visitor purchases your goods or services they become the most valuable type of lead—a customer. You want to do everything you can to retain these types of leads. By automatically importing these verified leads into your CRM app, you can nurture that client relationship without all the hassle. Maintaining and building a strong relationship with your current customers is crucial in building repeat business. It begins with the initial purchase, but it builds with each subsequent purchase—eventually, you become a trusted brand.

The payoff is when a consumer trusts a brand explicitly over others, that consumer is essentially a free advertising channel for you. Whenever their friends and family are seeking a product that you offer, they will mention your company. That personal referral carries far more weight than an ad or an online review from a stranger.

When you can build that strong of a bond with a consumer you have created a relationship that can multiply your base rapidly. That is why it is so important to follow up with your customers, make sure they’re happy, ask for a review, etc. It’s the difference between a one and done sale, and a lifelong brand ambassador that grows your client base.

Nurture Email Marketing Lists

“With SiteJab managing our email marketing lists everything syncs up and stays consistent. Before, we had redundant lead entries, unorganized mail campaigns, and overall, it was chaotic. SiteJab makes it easy and automatic for us.” — ElevenNine Media Group

Whenever you get a fresh lead, move them into the right email marketing list quickly. You want to make sure they receive consistent communication but also that it’s tailored to their needs. Why they contacted you to begin with, what they were seeking, and other key values should be noted.

When you funnel your leads through the properly tailored email marketing channel, the communications feel less generic and more personal. Consumers want to feel a connection with your business, they want to know that you hear them too. When you take three weeks before emailing a fresh lead and then send them an irrelevant email—you’re toast. They already lost interest, they assume you don’t even care, or they lose trust with the tone of your email.

So, by letting SiteJab use our automated solutions that integrate services such as Formstack and Mailchimp, you’re a step ahead. We build custom forms that identify the types of leads coming in and then route them to the proper email marketing list. We then automate the email campaigns with a variety of rules and timing based on the lead qualifiers. There’s nothing worse than sending out emails to leads that mean nothing to them. It shows a lack of care and even ineptitude—two negative marks you do not want with a prospect.

Automate Your Email Responses

“When a customer contacts you, they expect a prompt response, even if only to confirm you’ve received their communication. If you don’t pay attention to your customers, your competition will.” —Hector Garcia, President of SiteJab

In a perfect world, we would have the time to personally respond to every communication from a lead. After all, the fact that you took time out of your day to respond to a lead can go a long way. However, in the real world, we don’t always have time to write a personal response to every single person that reaches out. However, with some good writing, and proper configuration SiteJab can automate those initial responses for you, setting up the nurturing phase.

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