3 Amazingly Easy Tips To Convert Web Visitors To Leads

Your website is one of the most important factors for your business.  Chances are people will see your website  first (if you have one) before they visit your establishment or call you.

If you have a website or looking to get a website here are 3 easy tips that can help you generate leads:

1)   Good design

Research shows that you have less than 3 seconds to convey the five “w’s” (who, what, when, where, why).  If your design and layout doesn’t convey that – you could lose a customer.  Even worse if you have a horrible design you can scare customers away.  We sometimes advise business owners to take a website down completely if the website falls into this category.

What’s an example of a horrendous website?

That’s a bit of extreme – but it gives you an idea. Your website should have a careful balance of graphics and content.  Also stay away from “Comic Sans” on your site. If you’re a business owner with no experience doing websites stay away and let a expert do it.


2)   Contact, Contact, Contact…

Ever walk into a department store looking for something and can’t find help?  The same applies to your website.  Visitors are on your website because you might have something they need.  While it’s great to have plenty of content, keep in mind people won’t scavenge through your site to find what they are looking for (just like a department store).  Most people want quick access for help and you do this by listing your telephone number in your header. Make sure it’s big enough so grandma can read it.  Also make sure you have a contact form on nearly ever page.


As you notice on my website I have three forms on which a visitor can contact me:

  • Easy to read telephone number in header (and repeated in content throughout website)
  • “Great A Free Consultation” form on every page
  • “Schedule a Free Consultation” that’s an attention grabber

The last thing I want visitors on my site to feel is that I’m not touchable.. We are big at being a local Houston web design firm and want our visitors to know that we are here for them at anytime during their visit to our website.


3)   Capture a lead with an Incentive.


Who doesn’t like free information or resources?  What about coupons?  Capture your visitors to your website with an offer they’d want to download.  Make sure though you create a “catch” process to capture their information so that you can follow up with an email or phone call.  These might not be immediate sales – but they are “warm” leads!   They are interested in your product!  Build a database and reach out to these potential customers periodically.

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