Are Customers Choosing Your Competitors?

Business owners know the importance of attracting leads, building a relationship, and turning them into customers, but what happens when you’re not getting them? It means your competitors are instead! You would want to change that right? So let’s look at some ways you could be losing customers to them.


Poor Search Rankings

Are you using the right keywords so that customers can find you when they’re searching for businesses that offer your products and services? Do you show up on the first page of the search results? Maybe page 2? 3? Well, now you’re probably lost. Think about it, when is the last time you searched for something and scrolled past the third page of results? OK, let’s be real. When is the last time you actually scrolled past the first page? Hardly ever, right?

If you don’t know how to get good search rankings that’s exactly what is happening – you are lost to those that ARE on top. Because customers are looking online to find you first, if you’re not there you’re really losing out! Search Engine Optimization is important. It’s in a business’ best interest to have good SEO Services as well as PPC Management (Pay Per Click) to be sure you’re not getting overlooked.

Poor Website

Your website is usually their “first impression.” So if you have a website that is cluttered, hard to navigate, and doesn’t clearly list your contact information, chances are high you’re turning people away. They’re going to check out your competitors, and an appealing website with all the right features will win them over. Don’t miss out on leads because of a poor website design. There are many benefits of good web design.

Poor Online Reputation

How closely are you paying attention to what others are saying about you online? Do you know how much it matters? Many people will read reviews from people they don’t even know and make a decision based on what they say. Have you checked local review sites or even responded to negative feedback on your social media sites? How you respond matters! If a poor online reputation has brought you down, you can learn from the experience and bounce back. What you definitely don’t want to do, though, is ignore it!

Poor Customer Service

Good customer service is so important, and it is remembered. Most customers base their entire relationship with your business based on their first customer service experience they had with you. Was it handled positively or did you leave them frustrated? The Golden Rule is a good one to think about in this case – how would you want to be treated? If you’re not responding at least at that level or better you might as well scratch them off list. Really evaluate your customers’ experience with your Customer Service. If it’s mostly negative, it’s time to improve it!

Poor Response Times

So, you have a great website, your SEO is rockin’, and you’re getting a lot of leads! Woo hoo! Now what? Well, hurry up and contact them! If you’re not responding to them in a timely manner, they’re going somewhere else! Poor response times are just one way you may be scaring away leads, but it is HUGE. By responding right away you’re telling them upfront you’re professional and care about their business. Don’t make your customers choose your competition because of procrastination!

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