4 Necessities For Your About Page

Last week we covered the importance of having a balanced website. It was mentioned that you should really make sure all of the pages on your website are optimized so if a lead falls on a page other than your homepage through a search, they won’t quickly leave because it’s a wreck! One page everybody knows is important yet doesn’t get maximized is the “About Page.” You figure you can just add a blurb about yourself or your business and that’s it. That’s what an “About Page” is, right?

Yes, an “About Page” should be a description and reflection of you and/or your business, but how well are you presenting that information? Here are 4 Necessities every “About Page” should have:

1. Relatable Pictures

If your “About Page” only has a picture of your business building or logo, are you really making a connection with people? Are you relatable? Are you offering a connection? Every “About Page” should have pictures that are relatable – pictures of yourself (but don’t overdo it!) and your staff. Create an “About Page” with relatable pictures and impressive graphics that are interesting and consistent with your brand. Now you have their attention and they will be looking for more!

2. Content

Sure, your “About Page” has content, but is it interesting? Is it something that will impress people and interest them? If it feels like it was written by a robot, nobody will even take the time to finish reading it. Be personable, be YOU. Share the enthusiasm you have for your business or profession. Enthusiasm is contagious! Make sure they are intrigued and excited about working with you!

3. Call to Action

You probably know we recommend having a Call to Action on every page, but just because there is a Call to Action in your header or side bar, doesn’t necessarily mean they will act on it. Make sure at the end of your “About Page” (because now they’re excited and intrigued, right?) add a Call to Action within the page. It can be a nice-looking, coordinating button with something like “Contact Us” or “Request a Consultation.” It can even be a line of text with an obvious link. Do make sure it is obvious, though!

4. Value

With anything, content needs to be valuable. Content that isn’t adding value is getting ignored. Don’t let that happen. Make sure when you create your “About Page” you’re creating it with value. Explain who you are, what you offer, and why they would be crazy not to go with you! OK, don’t say they would be crazy, but present it in a professional manner. Let them know why they should choose you. If you don’t let them know who you are, what your brand or company represents and why your services have value, they could quickly hop off of your website to find a competitor that does express their value and importance of their services. Don’t let that happen!

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