Why Your #1 Spot On Google Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get More Leads

Let’s face it – in today’s world of generating leads Google IS KING. But good rankings don’t always equate to more leads… Here’s why:

Are You Converting Website Visitors?

One of the worst things I witness before beginning a marketing campaign for a client is a client who’s spending thousands of dollars in ad-words and another few thousand on SEO while missing out on leads.   Here’s a fact:  You can have thousands of visitors visit your website but if you’re not converting them you’re just as good as being ranked #100 on Google.

Your website must have relevant content and multiple ways to capture visitor data… If they’re on your website there’s a good chance the visitor is in need of your product or service NOW.  Should you have a good rankings website or paying a lot on ad-words take a look at your website and look for areas you can improve on.

Is Your Website Scaring Away Customers?


Bad websites can fall in the form of either a horrible design or even too much information.  Your website shouldn’t look like the old Myspace or resemble the content of Wikipedia. If you’re providing a local service or product remember the customer is there to find quick information and not go into a treasure hunt to find you.

Consider yourself walking into your local Sears and looking for an item.  Most people go straight to where the item should be, find the item and ask for help and leave.  The same concept should be thought about over your website.

Imagine yourself going into Sears and taking hours to find a fridge and not being able to find anyone for help… You’d quickly leave and go to another store that can help you right?  Now think about customers going to your website.

How’s Your Reputation?

Today people go online to look for services, products and entertainment or they go online to rant about services, products and entertainment. Your online reputation can mean the world between a huge order for you or not.  Take a look at what your past customers are saying about you online.   One of the hardest things to get out of is having a great ranking position on Google followed by a horrible review of your business from Yelp.

If your reputation is shot – reach out to your old customers and see what you can do to appease them. Their negative review can be causing your a lot of money.


Most clients get frustrated with Google as they know they need to spend money to be online. It’s not about how much money you throw at Google to generate leads – it’s about creating content and a website Google wants to showcase to it’s real customer – the consumer.  Even your Adwords campaigns come with a “quality score” that determines if your website is relevant to your target customer.  This “quality score” determines whether you pay $10 cost per click or $3 cost per click.

It’s about all about your content and ability to capture information.

If you’re looking for help on creating an amazing strategy that saves you money and generates more leads let’s talk.  Our passion is growing your business using the power of the internet.  We’ve been helping businesses like yourself for over 17 years.

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