Stop Putting Your SEO Strategy On The Back Burner

If you have been putting your SEO strategy on the back burner— stop now and read on before it’s too late—because SEO is a key component of your marketing strategy and is not a one-time implementation.

SEO is an ongoing, adaptive process that requires extensive attention to detail and the ability to adapt at a moment’s notice. As it is one of the essential tenets of digital marketing that helps your website achieve organic search results, it must change with search trends.

When you implemented SEO for the first time on your website, you were likely very gung ho about it and really made use of the methods for several months. You probably noticed some more traffic to your site some leads being generated by it and your rankings may have went up. Then that complacency bug set in, the website was running great, traffic was good and you figured you didn’t need  to keep focusing on SEO, rather you just let it do its thing. Fast forward 6 more months— your web traffic is down over 25%, conversion is so bad it’s laughable, and your rankings are scraping in at the bottom somewhere.

You might find it hard to believe, but putting your SEO strategy on the back burner can bring your business to its knees. There are plenty more reasons however, to keep investing in SEO and having it managed and maintained for you on a monthly basis. SEO is a skill earned by creating a website that offers 1st rate quality, relevant information for both consumers and the search engine used to find your business. Building that site and getting that SEO credit doesn’t happen overnight so it is an ongoing thing that must be maintained, but if it is—it can offer some excellent benefits.

Ten Reasons To Keep SEO:
  1. Better Ranking Means Better Reputation

The search engine optimization pros at SiteJab can absolutely increase your ranking through expert SEO practices that go on continuously. While SEO takes a lot of continuous effort and attention to detail, it has the potential to get your website to the top of the search engine page (SERP) within several months. Studies have shown that the first five results on a SERP clock in with a click-through rate advantage of over 80% of the results that follow.

  1. Boosts Your Visibility To The World

When you break into the top ten of the SERP, you are essentially one click away from the competition that trails behind. Your business develops an image which you can control, branding you can develop and you are known in the community which you serve. After all what good are your company’s products and ideas if they don’t have an audience. SEO helps you cultivate that online presence and audience you are seeking.A successful business is not just about creating value but also means that you should be able to share and distribute it. Having a good presence in the social media will help boost your SEO efforts.

  1. It Will Help You Get New Customers

The world has become small in the 21st century. 2017 was small. 2018 will be smaller… Coz’ we all can be reached with or without a click of a button. So, it wouldn’t be wise to keep yourself away from online-potential where all the world is spending-time via laptop or mobile.

So, if your business needs new clients and if you wish to tap new customers then start doing SEO to drive more traffic to your website. You need to start working towards making your site show up in top 10 search results.

  1. It Will Always Fit In Your Company’s Budget

One of the best things about SEO is its low cost compared to PPC (advertisements) and long-term benefits.

Yes, the SEO process is slightly slow and needs steady work for at least 3 to 6 months, but with the constant effort, you will get good rankings. Compared to other marketing methods such as PPC (via AdWords or Facebook Ads) SEO is cost effective and provides long-term results.

  1. It’s More Than Alive!

Much contrary to what its critics have to say, SEO is not dead. Content marketing (a part of SEO) still reigns supreme, and you cannot hope to be better at your business without an effective SEO strategy. You need to understand that a lot of businesses are not very successful at SEO because either they give up too soon or they use wrong and outdated practices for their website SEO.

However, make sure that you keep yourself up-to-date with of new search engine updates and apply the same to your strategy. The key to success is persistence and dynamism.

  1. An Effective SEO Strategy Will Improve Your PPC Quality Score

 Most decision makers know that a good PPC. But, did you know that Quality Score and the content on your website go hand-in-hand? A good SEO strategy includes creating pages on your website for your products and services and using relevant keywords through your site. By aligning your text ad messages to the content on your website or driving PPC traffic to relevant landing pages (like a page for a specific product or service), you can improve your Quality Score, which can, in turn, reduce your cost per click and improve the performance of your PPC ads.

  1. SEO Increases Market Access

The numbers don’t lie. Did you know that more than 70% of searches result in a click for one of the results on the first search engine results page (SERP)? If you’re not investing in an SEO strategy, you could be missing out on this traffic to your website.

  1. SEO Can Boost the Effectiveness of Your Other Marketing Efforts

Because of an increased market share in SERPs with SEO, you can boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts like PPC and retargeting. For example, coupling SEO and search advertising can improve traffic by 50%. Coupling SEO and retargeting can increase brand awareness. You can also use the insights from your SEO strategy to fine-tune your PPC campaigns – if you have keywords that are performing well for your organic search, you can add those to your PPC campaigns and test whether or not performance improves.

  1. SEO Can Improve Offline Conversions

Did you know that 50% of all mobile searches are conducted for local businesses looking to visit a store that day? If you’re adhering to a good local SEO strategy, you’ll have consistent listings and business information across the web that includes your business name, hours of operation, address, and phone number – all information that makes it easy for a searcher to visit your location and become a customer.

  1. SEO Can Help You Stand Out from Your Competitors

On the first page of a SERP, there are up to six paid positions, three map listings, and 10 organic listings. If you can align your keyword strategy to appear in a paid listing, a map listing, and an organic listing, you’re increasing your likelihood of a site visit and decreasing the likelihood of a searcher clicking to visit your competitors.

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