Boosting Your Brand With Commercial Video Production From SiteJab

In the extremely competitive corporate world, finding a way to connect with your audience and relate to your brand is the cornerstone of a successful marketing campaign. One of the most effective, yet delicate tools you can use is with commercial video production. 

With video on pace to account for over 80% of all internet traffic within the next 3 years; video is an extremely effective way to shape your brand identity. If you remember from our blog on branding, your brand identity is

Brand Identity Is Comprised Of Several Components Including:

  • Logos 
  • Color schemes
  • Font families
  • Imaging standards
  • Graphical assets
  • Audio logos

Essentially everything can see, touch, or hear is part of the brand identity of a company. These components can easily be ingrained into consumers minds and pop culture—giving video that much more of a significant role in a marketing campaign. But how do you create quality video content that increases revenue, not just brand recognition?

Commercial Video Production Centered Around The Sales Funnel

Videos that introduce and highlight your brand can be an effective tool if they are created in such a way that can be used at every stage of the sales funnel. As you know from previous blogs, the sales funnel refers to the phases that a customer goes through when purchasing goods or services from a particular brand: 

  1. Awareness Phase – This is where consumers become cognizant of your existence and that of your products, and services.
  2. Interest Phase – This is where the consumer shows an initial interest indicated by an action such as clicking on a web ad or a contact button. 
  3. Evaluation Phase – In this critical phase, the consumer begins to size you and your offerings up against competitor’s similar products or services.
  4. Decision Phase – After weighing their options the consumer is now ready to make a decision and negotiate on price or pay the stated price. a final decision is reached, and negotiation begins on price.
  5. Purchase Phase – the consumer becomes a customer and purchases the product or service you are offering.
  6. Reevaluation Phase – in B2B sales, it is typical to have services that include a contract term that is renewable after a set time frame. As the customer gets familiar with your company and your products—they decide on whether to renew or seek other options.
  7.  Repurchase Phase – Congratulations, you have a regular customer if they make it to this phase, where they make a repeat purchase.

The SiteJab Approach 

At SiteJab we take commercial video production very seriously. We believe that strongly in the effectiveness of quality video content—whether for internet or TV. Our video production focuses on creating videos that engage at every phase of the sales funnel and guides your audience members from viewer to customer.

We carefully cultivate a memorable image to open videos and then use visually dynamic methods that capture and hold viewers attention. We take into account everything from the script to the colors of graphical elements used, to the background and environment featured.

There is not a single aspect of the content that we don’t carefully design to contribute to the main goal of conversion. We give your audience the solutions to their needs, presented in an engaging video that evokes a decision. 

The SiteJab Process

As commercial video production is an integral part of a marketing campaign, we create videos that fit within your overall marketing goals. The most common goals universal to most companies include:

  • Generating sales and revenue
  • Increasing site traffic
  • Serving the different stages of the sales funnel
  • Raising brand recognition
  • Increasing market share

We achieve our client’s goals by having a very structured production process that is tailored to their unique goals, needs, and any special circumstances there may be:

Initial Concept Development

This is the most important step in the process as this is where we learn about what goals you want to accomplish with video. We learn about your brand, the audience you want to reach, and the message you want to send.

From there we brainstorm on multiple ways to deliver the message to your audience in a way that will best represent your brand. This can be a challenge because we want to create compelling content that has a fine balance between informing and capturing attention. This is a delicate balance to maintain as you want to grab viewers attention but also once you have it—you want to expose them to your brand, why they should want it, and how it will benefit them.

The key is, that this needs to be done within a very short time frame as you only have a matter of seconds to capture or lose most viewers attention—it’s up to us to create content that lures them in from the open.


Initial Concept Proposal

This is where the concept begins to take shape. We develop a basic idea for your video and brief you on what we’re trying to convey to your audience with this rough concept.

We essentially show you the messages we are sending, the method in which we think will be the vehicle for the messaging, and how we plan to keep your video memorable—what we call a good recall rate.

This is an opportunity for us to get your input, feedback and also any creative suggestions you might have and we can workshop it into something we can start to fine-tune.

Finding Inspiration For Creative Elements

Once we have the basic idea hashed out and the setting and tone in mind, we begin to work on defining the style of your video. This means finding outside inspiration for creative concepts that fit within or help develop the basic idea.  

For example, in the now-famous original Budweiser “Wazzup” commercial, the agency responsible for the CLIO Hall of Fame spot; drew inspiration from a short film with the same basic setup. In the short film, “True”—a group of jocular guys calls each other to “catch up.” The gag is that their conversations are all filler or the phrase, “Whassup?” in different variations. There’s no real conversation.

In this particular case, the agency merely co-opted the short film to incorporate the Budweiser brand—re-creating it nearly shot for shot with the conversation centered around “Watchin the game, havin a Bud.” The title of the film served as the tagline for the campaign—“True.” 

The commercial was wildly successful and spawned many notable follow-ups, such as the hilarious “Wasabi” spot that played off of the original.

At SiteJab this is one of the best and most productive steps in the commercial video production process. We get to draw inspiration from a wide range of influences in pop culture, personal experience, politics, and more. This helps to create a relatable video that is centered around the basic idea and delivers the message in a compelling, creative, or in some cases— humorous way.  

Building The Video

When we take on a video project with a client, we employ a construction process that we have honed down to a science to maximize efficiency and quality. This process is comprised of customizing our work for each client—our methods and our procedures. 

When we pitch a concept to you, we visualize the final video we will be delivering to you upon completion. It is a key step in this final phase as it dictates what needs we have in casting, crew, planning, and location/setting. 

Considering all of these factors becomes the foundation for the budget we set for the project. Preparation is crucial and everyone on the crew must cover each other to make sure nothing gets left undone.

Then, we make sure that creative is on the same page with the director to ensure what is being delivered to you is representative of the concept we presented to you in the second phase.

Once all this is complete, it moves pretty quickly from there as we set up production timelines, key points in pre-production and post-production as well as final edits. 

We are adamant about bringing you along on this journey and involving you in many of the larger decisions made in pre-production. After all, you are financing the project—we want you to feel you got your money’s worth.

Ready To Put Your Brand Out There? Let Us Help With Commercial Video Production.

If you are ready to take the leap into TV and Web Ads—SiteJab is the agency you want to entrust with your brand. We build brands not just through savvy digital marketing, but also high-quality commercial video production. Our concepts and creative team will help you develop a commercial that uniquely yours. Contact us today to boost your brand exposure and revenue.

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