10 Annoying Things Businesses Do On Facebook

SiteJab is more than just a Houston SEO Company. We offer Social Media services as well and are here to help you make the most of your social media presence. Facebook is deciding for us what we will see and won’t see most of the time, and sometimes what we do see from business pages can be annoying, so we want to hide them ourselves. The best way to make sure your posts aren’t getting intentionally hidden is to avoid some Facebook faux pas.

1. Over Marketing


I understand it’s a business page, so marketing on a business page is definitely more appropriate than a personal page, but marketing alone and doing it too often isn’t exactly what we like to see on our news feed. We love a great sale, special, etc., but if that is all that is coming across our news feed, it can get annoying. We want to know the people behind the business, too. Add some personality and maybe even a personal post or two.

2. Too Personal


This may sound contradictory, but hear us out. Yes, we like to know a little more about the people behind the business, but some businesses overdo it. Personal posts about your day, your family, your pets, etc. are great once in a while. Telling us all about your day every single day or sharing “TMI” info is definitely a way to lose fans.

3. Cliché Posts


An occasional quote, song lyric, ecard, etc. is great, but once again, there is definitely too much of a good thing. Businesses that use cliché posts as the bulk of their posts can get annoying quickly. It’s not that we don’t like to get motivated, it just doesn’t have the same effect by the tenth time we read it.

4. Political Posts


There are some things that don’t belong on business pages, and politics definitely fit that category. Chances are high we like your business page because of the products and services you offer and not because of your political views. If you start sharing those political views over and over again, we might change our mind.

5. Constantly Changing Your Name


Have you ever had a post come across your news feed, and you didn’t even know what business that is? It’s confusing. Getting updates over and over again that they “changed their name again,” is also annoying. Your name is part of your branding. It’s a good idea to choose it and stick with it – or risk annoying fans.

6. Too Many Hashtags (or Hashtags that are too Long)

When Facebook introduced Hashtags, we were all thrilled! Finally we can search for things a little more easily. Unfortunately, some people missed the memo that you shouldn’t overdo it. Stick to one to three hashtags and be sure they aren’t confusing to read. Having ten Hashtags in one post is annoying and hashtags in all lowercase letters that readers stumble on isn’t really helping anyone.


7. Micro Updates

Facebook isn’t Twitter, and that’s one of the joys of it! Micro updates with abbreviations that are hard to read aren’t only annoying but aren’t beneficial for you either since most of us are just left scratching our head.


8. Events

Being able to create events is a great tool for promoting your events. Over inviting people, though, can quickly land you on the “ignore list.”

9. Posting Promotions on Other Business’s Pages.

It’s great marketing to be logged in as your page and interacting with other pages. Visiting other pages just to post your advertisements or posts telling them to share or like your page isn’t just annoying, it’s actually a little rude, too.

10. Chain Posts


Sharing those chain letter type posts on your business page? Most of us don’t even like to see them on personal pages let alone business pages. Besides, if we feel like you’re going to post them all the time and make us feel bad about not reposting, it’s easier just to hide or unlike your page.

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