Reasons 2014 Is Your Business Breakout Year

A New Year always means a new opportunity.  Check out these reasons why 2014 is your year for business breakthrough.
1)  It’s not 2008
Who can forget the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis?  Economists say it was the worst economic downfall since The Great Depression.  Sparked by a housing crisis and greed on Wall Street it also lead to the biggest government bailout of corporations in American history.  But it’s 2014 and the good times are back…  Business’ are hiring and in our hometown thousands of jobs are added each month.   If you were a business owner in 2008 and you’re still operating your business – you’ve made it! Congrats.
2) You’re in Texas!
Better known for it’s heat, cowboys and horses there’s a reason why it was once once it’s own country.  The last few years proved that Texas can show a struggling country in the middle of a great economic downfall how to do business.   Texas does it again with adding hundreds of thousands of jobs, new corporations are moving to “The Lone Star State” every year to take advantage of low taxes, business freedoms and affordability.   Just remember in 2014 you could have a business elsewhere… such as California.  God Bless Texas and 2014!
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